The future of Common Core remains uncertain. With a new administration in Washington and many newly-elected governors, some education professionals are concerned that Common Core could be replaced in several states.

Six Big Trends Reshaping K-12 Education Publishing

Helping students learn remains the core objective of education publishers, but the tools and tactics are evolving quickly.

United States legislation around accessibility, as well as a diversity of state-by-state standards, have created several new requirements that publishers must meet before schools will consider purchasing materials. New technologies, from adaptive learning platforms to data analytics tools have transformed many publishing businesses into technology companies, requiring them to provide customer service as they support and train educators to use new tools. Finally, student demographics have shifted in recent years.

In this report, we explore

  • how publishers are meeting the expectations of digital natives
  • how data analytics are driving the learning market
  • technologies and workflows publishers use to meet the demands of accessible, responsive, and adaptive content
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