Mobile can be used to pick up new readers, bring them into the content chain, and keep them engaged with regular updates. Social platforms should be feeding people to your app at all times.

How Content-Centric Organizations Are Driving Digital Engagement and Boosting Profitability

In 2014 Cenveo Publisher Services in conjunction with Publishing Executive magazine, conducted a 7-month survey of a cross section of of publishers, media companies, and content-centric organizations.

Anecdotal accounts are abundant that highlight
how organizations can increase revenue from digitalproducts:
  • Develop content niches to bring digital riches
  • Increase user engagement with dynamic apps to grow community and membership
  • Track audiences across platforms to map new
  • paths to monetization
In this white paper we explore the strategies content-centric organizations employ to
  • Drive digital usage and engagement
  • Boost digital profitability
  • Enhance the audience value proposition