The responsibility for improving publisher participation with metadata falls to the service provider. Typically, these companies have greater resources and a mandate to optimize the content for largely online, interconnected use.

Five Factors Affecting the Scholarly Publishing Workflow

Digitally-enhanced research and publishing is complex. The ability to link to a separate but related piece of content is subject to the decisions of individual human authors or editors and the workflow processes implemented by their organizations. Such an arbitrary network of links—all too common on the Web in general—is wholly inadequate to meet the rigorous demands of academic publishing.

To address the chaos of arbitrary linking, most scholarly publishers have implemented editing workflows and the use of metadata to manage the digital versions of their articles. This paper discusses five factors that improve connections across content, research, scholars, and publishers:

  1. DOIs for content
  2. ORCID integration
  3. Institutional identifiers
  4. Corrections, modifications, retractions
  5. Improved publisher participation reporting